Hi everyone,

Corey had an excellent afternoon session today!

Despite her 4:30am awakening, miss party pants didn’t go back to sleep, she performed for another insurance timed testing. I was a nervous wreck her fatigue would influence her performance but this woman loves a good bet!

Bet #1-if she exceeds her personal long distance record of 392 feet in 6 mins she could chose her prize (a new shirt)

I don’t have the official number but Natalie assured me she was over 400 feet. Not only did she beat her distance, she also beat Dr. Long to the main gym. He was shocked to see her and was speechless as he personally watched her walk with her forearm cane! He was giddy to see her achievement live.

Bet #2 – Timed sit to stand test, timed sprint test and a new ringer ~ timed 10′ lap test. Her prize (new pajama bottoms)

Sit to stand is just as it sounds. From a seated position, pull yourself to a full upright stand, then recline to the seated position. 5 reps as fast as she could. All time best, 21 seconds. Today ~ 13 seconds

Part 2 – Corey walks 50 feet as quickly as she can accuracy and balance are key. All time best, 28 seconds. Today ~ 24.4 seconds

Part 3 – Take off to landing, bum to bum, the new 10′ test. Timer starts as Corey lifts off, arm goes into forearm cane, walk 10′, turn around, walk back, release cane and sit back down…stop timing.
1st try: 50.7 seconds (it took 8 seconds to maneuver the cane)
2nd try (once she knew what was expected)
42 seconds!

Just to seal the deal, timed balance test using her cane for stability (another first) 57 seconds!

Guess who’s getting a new shirt and new pajama bottoms!

Corey and I have another training with the forearm cane this Thursday. We walk together in tandem, I support her hips as we walk. If we pass, Natalie will allow us to borrow the forearm cane from the lending program to continue our work at home. This is another major step in Corey’s physical achievements.

Our goal is for her to balance which will naturally lead to stability in order to walk independently. Literally baby steps but she’s taking them! xoxo