Hi Everyone, its Marie and Corey,

Well, I need more training! I didn’t pass my “PT in training” test. I need more practice walking with Corey.

Physically, my left hand is placed on her left hip (slightly forward wrapping the hip bone). My right hand is placed on the right side of her rib cage (upper torso). When we walk together our feet need to synchronize in step and pace. If I use the proper mechanics correctly, Corey balances and stands upright feeling my support and will not lean against me. More importantly, I won’t feel any strain on my wrists, shoulders or back. Unfortunately, I’m not used to balancing my weight on her left side, so the first thing I need to do is un-train my self from “Transfer” technique to “Mobility” mode. Let me tell you, Natalie and Corey make it look much easier then it actually is. It’s similar to writing with your left hand when you’ve been right hand dominant your entire life! It’s an awkward stance but hopefully Corey will be patient with me.

Corey made her matte work look easy! Natalie hasn’t measured matte exercises in 2 months. It was very exciting for me to see the benefits of our swimming exercises on land.

First she sat on the side of the matte. She showed Natalie our newest home exercise ~ her AB workout. She leans back and stops incrementally holding the position, then pulls up to a sitting position. We are now doing this at her bedside and while sitting at the kitchen chair. It’s a combination of Plank and traditional sit ups. This will help Corey develop the strength to sit up from a prone position.

Our goal is for her to roll over from her left side, sit up, swing her legs to the floor and stand upright getting out of bed unassisted. So far she can roll onto her back but then she gets stuck (much like a turtle on their back). She is beginning to reach for the rail of the bedside commode to help her but doesn’t have the strength to pull her body weight from that position.

We closed with the following; each exercise was repeated 5x
-snow angel movement; on her back (prone) legs move together then isolate each leg
-from prone, bent knee lifts; together then isolated
-from prone, straight leg lifts; together then isolated
-from prone, with bent knees and feet firmly on the matte, lift pelvis up (called bridging)
-from prone, roll side to side (rolling to her right needs assistance)
-re-positioned on right side, keeping feet together, lift left knee (picture a clam opening)
-positioned on right side, start with knees together, kick left foot forward then swing leg backward as if heel will hit her butt
-while on right side, place right leg under left to help swing legs forward as she pushes up with her right arm to a sitting position…this was only 1x and the finale!!

I was thrilled to see the height and extension of her increased measurements. She improved across the board.
And to confirm her new personal best from Monday…her old record of 392 feet walking with her forearm cane has been replaced with 408 feet!

Hi everyone its Corey

today was not a day like any other day i had to do so many exercises on the gym mat and all of them where what my mom and i do at the pool.

when i lifted up my left knee Natalie was so shocked she jumped back she was so surprised

i think i am excited about my exercises but i am also a little nervous they will never be good enough. that for some reason they won’t be up to par of how much is expected.

i think that every one feels this way about themselves when they are doing something new or they want to be the best at what they’re doing especially if you care about what your doing

i think its more important you do not let your fear take over so you keep on going lets face it the motto is never give up and never give in for this exact reason, xoxo