Hi everyone it’s corey

Who thinks about the good that comes from bad? i never thought I would but apparently I am.

it’s not so bad. sure my brain got shaken around a little but I am here to prove that that’s not a bad thing necessarily. It is possible to live with it and get better.

think about a baby learning to crawl. if the person watching the baby says that he can’t, he never will be able to. i know that in some ways I’m like that because sometimes I think I’ll never improve but then on the other hand I realize I am a grown women and I am capable of almost anything that is able to be done.

Like today for example. I went to the pool walked to and from the locker room, in and out of the pool using the steps and before I left, Paul got the shock of his life when he saw me walking to the door with my cane.

You can not avoid bad things happening or dread them. if you were a baby, when you get frustrated and angry, what would you tell yourself so that you always stay positive? xoxo