Hi everyone its corey
It was a busy weekend so we have not talked to you recently.

Today we happened to head back to the pool. Paul, our swim instructor, has not seen me in I don’t know how long and has not seen my full workout in at least a couple of months. So mom and I showed him that we have not been just sitting by the side of the pool eating bon bon’s; we have been working out. It might have been his time off but that does not mean I’m taking time off too.

We filmed today’s workout. Paul is my spotter and is barely holding on. He also did not hold onto my legs for today’s warm up.

I could not decide what movie I like best so I asked mom and she said, “shall we post them all”? I thought the answer to that was yes, we shall. So if you have time during the next snow storm (because I am sure we will have one) take some time and watch my movies.

And I’m sorry in advance if my movies make you feel cold but don’t worry the pool is 92 degrees. But when I get out, I am right back to the bitter cold reality like you, xoxo

Don’t forget your popcorn for the movies!

Corey Beattie Baby Steps

Corey Beattie Bigger Steps

Corey Beattie Its ALL You

Corey Beattie Solo Warm Ups