hi everyone its corey,

when the bad days make life hard the first thing that comes to mind is what does the light at the end of the tunnel look like? some times its a hard day to see the light. its not always easy. my biggest question is what will happen to me when i have finally reached the light? i can only hope its not a train coming to hit me!

you know how people say two steps forward and 1 step back is still 1 step forward? well some days you just wake up and go about your day trying not to fall down.

yesterday was a falling down day, actually for that matter the past several weeks have been full of falling down days. so today i have tried to spend my day standing up straight no more falling down. in fact i stood in the pool for 5 and a half minutes all by myself. then i held on to the side rail to walk 2 laps around the pool all by myself. also mom wanted me to ride in the wheel chair to go into the pool and i said no and walked in and out of the building with moms help no wheel chair. after swimming mom had to go to the doctors, so while she was gone i took it upon myself to fold the laundry including the socks.

i really appreciated reading all of your letters and if you need help on a falling down day write me and i will do my best to help you stand up too, xoxo