hi everyone, its corey

were you aware that march is tbi awareness month? if you did not know that this can be your first fun fact to walk away with today.

i will try and write you every day this month even when i may not feel like it, its kind of my home work. i will not only tell you about how good i’m doing, but i will give you a new fun fact to share with someone else and thats your home work because after all it is awareness month

since i missed March 1st here is your 2nd fun fact for today. tbi’s ribbon color is green. when i think of green in march i think of st, patties day. i am a quarter irish but guess what? tbi can happen to anyone for no rhyme or reason no matter your age color or religion. it doesn’t even matter if you are irish, italian or what?

green is the color of new life and hope. 3 years ago i started a new life. some times its not easy to have a new life.

there is a story that i like its about a plant growing and i find myself relating a lot to it. its about a seed that gets planted in the dirt. the dirts dark and cold and its up to the seed to fight its way up and out of the dark to find the sun. somedays i feel like a seed and the only thing i have to do, like a plant, is grow and be strong.

the seed might be planted but it needs a lot of nourishment to grow. to me thats the help i get from mom and caitlin and the people that help me.

so when you wear green this month i hope you remember tbi and tell someone else the real meaning of the color green. maybe tbi awareness will grow too, xoxo