hi, everyone its corey

todays TBI facts start with a question to you.
do you know which side of your brain controls what?

right side controls the left and the left controls the right. the right side is really the fun side and the left side is the learning side.

if you do art, are creative, have an imagination, have good intuition, have insite, can see 3D pictures or are musical you think mostly with the fun side

if you are logical, can talk, speak and understand english or more than 1 language, are good with numbers can both read and right letters and you are pretty good at thinking through problems then you have a learning brain aka controlled by your left side

i’m a little of both sides but i have no idea what that means especially since they told me i broke my entire brain. guess i can be both now.

i thought you would like a brain joke mom told me.

If the right side of the brain controls the left
And the left side of the brain controls the right
Then left handed people are the only ones in their right mind…

my aunt louise will love that because she is left handed.

hope you had fun learning something new even if you are not left brained. here’s a quick quiz for your friends. see if you can tell which side is being used in each of these
1) Drawing a picture of an imaginary castle.
2) Doing your math homework.
3) Daydreaming when you should be studying!
4) Talking to a friend.
5) Listening to a parent or teacher.

here are your answers xoxo
right, left, right, left, left