hi everyone its corey

today’s tbi fact: something will click if you work hard every day

yesterday I mentioned to you about the difference between the left and right side of your brain. today i proved that my brain is ambidextrous. im not going to give you another hint, you will have to watch todays videos

okay maybe a little hint;
today i blew my teacher Cari away with new firsts. i recognized shapes, colors, letters, could build a robot jenga tower (which is hard btw), a rainbow Lincoln log house, sorted by color, matched patterns and sequences. oh and also worked with a stretchy band pulling with my left hand and arm.

so i guess that i can not be stumped by her challenges and today my brain definitely clicked.

tbi fact…i get better every day, xoxo

Corey Beattie Robot Jenga Tower

Corey Beattie Scrabble Genius