Hi everyone,

Today’s TBI facts are not found in statistical documentation or long term case studies followed by professionals post inpatient stay. However, it is intimately understood in the day to day lives of the families and survivors.

Corey continues to have disrupted sleep. She wakes disoriented often with night terrors. Her anxiety levels have increased, possibly due to recent medication changes. Bottom line, we are back in the trenches. Behavioral outbursts are not uncommon in the TBI world. Long term anxiety is also common. Unfortunately, its not easily managed due to short term memory loss and medication is not the “quick fix”. I’m hoping to get an appointment with Dr. Long to discuss some creative strategies. Until then we need prayers! We are in the fox hole and there is not sight of a cease fire. I never thought it would be possible to replace Crazy Corrine, but we are currently living with Corrine’s evil twin who makes Corrine look like Timid Tina!

Our only functional strategy is using Corey’s journal. She can “Write it out”. The following is just one of today’s entries from Corey. Please, Please pray for her, for us. We WILL get through this stage…xoxo

From Corey;
different personalities, raging rachel and confused cindy

when i am rachel i suddenly get angry and cannot explain why. i don’t know why i get so angry and i don’t like it. i think it is because so much is going on around me i don’t know where to go, how to run away or what to listen to.

then there is confused cindy which is confident corey sitting back and hearing everyone around her talk until it is to many things for my brain to comprehend. i don’t remember or understand what people are saying because everything is different.

i go from confident to confused to angry all in a blink of an eye. when i am going to meet someone new i get pent up anxiety because i don’t know what this person will be like.
the anxiety starts. my mom tells me i kick and scream and yell but i don’t remember doing any of that. that feels weird. how do i not know?
i know that that i can’t blame everything on my brain injury but this one i can.

that’s it. that is what is happening today. its not happy but we can’t change it right now. i don’t know what to do because i don’t remember getting upset. i guess that’s brain injury too?