hi everyone its corey and marie,

Today’s TBI fact you have to relearn what emotions are and how to handle them.

I keep Corey’s IPad next to her with the notes page open. Each tantrum we wait stating we will talk to her when she’s finished “expressing” herself. If she can’t find the words to verbally tell us what is troubling her, I ask her to write it out. This is helping her communicate…if only she could remember what she wrote…but one hurdle at a time I guess!

It has not been an easy learning curve for any of us. You can imagine the level of stress and heartache to listen to her words, feel the lashes from her temper and watch her anxiety level knowing there is nothing we can do but listen and wait for it to pass. How we wish we could “fix it”, take it away or speed up the recovery time. Where is that MAGIC 8 Ball from my childhood? Until my time machine is built, I will keep looking for new strategies to make it through each outburst. Keep those prayers coming please!!! xoxo

From Corey;
apparently i’m relearning these things from having a brain injury. i get happy and sad and baffled and feel belittled all at the same time but i have to remember that they are just feelings, they are not what is really going on in the world. just my world.

i get upset a lot of the time but mostly because there are people all around me just going about their every day life but at the same time, even though its hard, i have to remember that not every person thinks like me. i feel trapped and wonder when i am going to live my own life.

while i might have a brain injury its certanly not my whole life. the hardest part of my day is trying to remember that. everyone tells me it has helped to make me a stronger woman. i guess by now there is nothing that can stand in my way. thank you for staying in contact with me because i know you are there to watch what i am doing and that makes me feel strong so i never feel alone.