Hi everyone,

We took off this weekend; literally! I wish I could tell you we went to Florida but the next best thing to someplace warm is to be with family!

When we arrived home there was a gift in the mailbox from one of our carepage friends. It was 2 Dammit Dolls. What are Dammit Dolls? I didn’t know either until I read the little card. It is a fabric doll embroidered with the following label:

Whenever things don’t go so well
And you want to hit the wall and yell
Here’s a little dammit doll
That you can’t do without
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it
And as you whack the stuffing out
Yell Dammit, Dammit, Dammit


Thank you Christine, your timing was perfect. It not only gave us an initial smile and giggle, we put it to good use this evening!

Tomorrow we start again…xoxo