Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. We are adding “life therapy” to our weekly schedule. By this I mean field trips that help Corey experience a normal life event.

Where else would we begin…the grocery store, of course! Corey typically will write my grocery list. Today’s trip was not only about shopping but allowing Corey to strategically navigate the aisles and practice working within a budget.

We began in produce.
M – you have blueberries on your list. Here is an 18oz container for $7.59 and a 6oz container for $2.99. First of all, how many single containers do you need to match the large container?
C – 3
M – Good, which is the better value; 3 containers at $2.99 or 1 container at $7.59?
C – the big one

Corey read her list, read the large numbered aisle placards to locate/guess which aisle contained her items, weighed and compared sale items vs. regular priced items and 2 hours later, did her best to reach into the cart to move the items onto the conveyor belt for check out.

The highlight of the experience was when she found pistachio’s on a display just next to the checkout. As I bagged the groceries, she was in her chair behind the cart. She literally lobbed an overhand toss of 2 single serving sized bags as she called out, “Mom, don’t forget these”! I think our next outing will be to a basketball court, she made the 3 pointer without it hitting the rim of the cart! SWOOSH!
How could I say no with a shot like that? xoxo