hi everyone its corey

todays life therapy lesson kept me busy. first i sorted and folded laundry. i also loaded and emptied the dishwasher all while standing up and then this afternoon we went for a drive in the car to see if i remembered any of my local roads. i remembered a couple.

just as an update, i actually asked to help…my mom is not turning me into cinderella believe it or not! i asked to be a helper.

so i guess its stressful for you to know that i never know where I’m going. the 1 thing i have to say is its really stressful to have to be reminded what you do in a day because often times i do not remember anything; however, i think the past couple days have been happy ones? even if they were not i do not remember so what is the big problem? its all good with me!

so after sitting at your computer and reading this i hope you remember if you had a happy day, xoxo