Hi Everyone,

The last two days have been both busy and a bit rough. We continue to work through emotional and behavioral issues as a result of Corey’s short term memory loss, stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. Strategies change every hour to navigate our day.

Seeking inspiration in order to clear my mind and refocus on a positive thought has been a life changing strategy albeit challenging on the days I’d prefer to crawl into bed to end the day as quickly as possible!

Tonight’s inspiration came from Corey. I was uploading a new video but took time to rewatch almost all the videos we’ve posted over the last 3 years. Our daily schedule tends to lead us with blinders on. Watching each video from “Corey’s Story” by Jon Ristaino to our newest video recorded tonight, gives me the inspiration and gratitude I needed to reaffirm our motto; Never Give Up and Never Give In. It’s a Matter of Time!

I must admit, the number of people following Corey’s story continues to surprise me; especially as I notice new members joining weekly. I keep waiting for everyone to get bored or lose interest but after watching Corey’s video’s I understand now why we all are following this REAL LIFE reality show with bated breath to see what this amazing young woman will do or say next!

So to satiate our Corey Fix, tonight’s inspiration is her newest video playing a cognitive game called Wedgit. Corey’s teacher Cari, loaned it to us to develop perception, color recognition, strategy and problem solving as well as manipulative play which Corey chose to emphasize with her left hand!

Corey, thank you for being my daily inspiration xoxo

Corey Beattie Color Stack