Hi Everyone,

Today we had a few fun moments. Corey walked through Bryn Mawr with Natalie stopping to tell everyone jokes (via whispers from Natalie)

What do you call a line of bunny rabbits hopping backwards?

a receding hare line

How did the butcher introduce his wife?

meet patty

Needless to say, the ladies will leave the stand up comedy act to Caitlin!

Tonight was the Phillie’s season opener and Corey enjoyed watching the first few innings. We noticed a patch on the boys uniform. A circle with CB embroidered on the left breast. I asked out loud, “what do you think CB stands for”? Without hesitation, Corey chimed in “Corey Beattie”! It actually is in remembrance to the long time owner Claire Betz who recently passed away. No offense to the memory of Ms. Betz but I believe the boys are playing for Corey this season! xoxo