Hi Everyone,

Today is April 1st but there was no joking around. Corey was in the pool and had a serious workout!

She picked the number of reps she wanted to accomplish. It was the day of hundreds…

100 standing leg side kicks
100 standing knee lifts
100 knee to shoulder bends
100 crunches
and her finale…a timed test
200 bicycle kicks in one minute

One of my favorite inspirational websites its Ralph Marston’s greatday.com. Portions of today’s message describes our daily perspective perfectly.

‘It’s only a limitation if you see it as a limitation. Choose to see it differently, and you’ll find a way around it’.

‘Instead of assuming that some factor in your life is a limitation, make a different assumption. Decide to see it as an opportunity to grow stronger’.

‘Instead of wallowing in disappointment when things don’t work out the way you planned, choose a different response’.

‘Whatever has happened, has happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. What you can change, though, is what you do with it’.

‘Rather than seeing something as a limitation, see it as an opportunity and get busy living the value that is most certainly there’.

My favorite line is, ‘it’s only a limitation if you see it as a limitation’. Your accomplishments to date were created not only from your increased physical strength but from your inner strength. Your never give up and never give in, no wallowing, no looking back and never allowing NO in your daily vocabulary is the reason you’re progressing.

I promise you; we will keep finding the opportunities that will keep us busy living today to realize your dreams for the future!

I love you, xoxo