Hi Everyone,

Corey continues to surprise those getting to know her. Tuesday is water therapy. When we arrived at the pool the only parking spot available was approximately 200 feet from the front door. I asked Corey if she wanted to walk in with her forearm cane or go in with her wheelchair.
C – “I’ll walk”!

We parked the car and walked across the parking lot; our bodies synchronized with each step. Unbeknownst to us, Paul’s staff was watching us from inside the building. Once we were in the pool beginning to warm-up, Paul came in to tell us Corey was the talk of the building. The staff was buzzing asking Paul what he did to get Corey walking as well as she does since September. He laughed out loud and said, “I keep telling them I had nothing to do with it! It’s all Corey. She makes me look good”.

Once again I’m reminded of Corey’s progress as seen through everyone else’s eyes. Don’t misunderstand me; every time we leave the house, ride in the car, eat a meal, laugh at a joke, have a conversation, share a hug and tell each other “I love you”, I remember wondering if we would ever enjoy those simple moments again.
Now look at us. Every day we face challenges that will never be fully documented but its those simple moments that overshadow the daily struggles.

Don’t ever take those “little things” that have become so routine for granted. They are truly the most important moments in our day, xoxo