Hi Everyone,

We have some good news and some good news…Medicaid approved an additional 24 sessions for PT. We’re safe to continue at Bryn Mawr until mid-July. What a relief! I am truly hoping we won’t be discharged until Corey is walking independently. She keeps asking me how long it will take. I don’t have the definitive answer but can state without hesitation, it won’t happen as quickly without Natalie and the resources at the rehab. Professional therapy to a TBI survivor is as critical as chemo is to a cancer patient.

To prove Medicaid made the right choice, Corey rode the recumbent bike today for 20 mins completing a full 1/2 mile. Natalie told her she has never had one of her patients achieve that length of time to date. “If the bike were an arcade game, Corey could enter her initials on the top spot waiting for someone to beat her time!”

Watching Corey’s smile as Natalie boasted of her achievement was today’s happy moment! We’ll take it, xoxo