hello everyone it is corey i have not fallen off the side of the earth i am still here.

i know how people say april showers bring may flowers however i think that april showers bring headaches and let me just say they are not even a little bit as pretty as flowers. even with the head ache i manage to work out every day.

so sure my head may hurt every once and a while however beyond that i have been grocery shopping, folding everyone’s laundry, cooking and i learned how to make oatmeal cookies. all of that was for pure enjoyment none of it was anything like a chore or assignment. how many people can say those kinds of things are enjoyable for them?

some of you are wondering how am i feeling ? the thing is my left leg has been getting stiff because my brain is sending the wrong signal to my left leg and foot. when mom asks me to move my left fingers and toes and they are really not moving when my brain tells them to it is not an easy concept for my mind to grasp. i am like “what is happening to me? why is my body not doing what i am telling it to do”? i can not really grasp the idea that half of me does not work so i keep on trying. it is not an easy thing to keep on trying when nothing is happening. mom keeps telling me i am on the right path to a full recovery but i do not feel like i am.

so what do i do about that? thats my question?
all i know is that giving up and quitting are definitely not in the cards for me. so i suppose we keep coming up with new fun and exciting ways to live every day.

if you read all the way through this thank you so much for believing that i can get better, xoxo