hello everyone, this is Corey

today my mom and i were having dinner and the topic of running came up.

my cousins are planning a race in september and it is a fundraiser for me. so i asked my mom if i could try and run it?

she told me i am not quite ready; however, today i rode for 24 minutes on the bike building up my stamina.

since the race is for me i want to try and run it so its not just being hosted for me. i want to take part in it. the way i see it, if there is a destination i know i have to reach, then you might as well put me to the challenge because we don’t know if i can do it until i am there!

so i will work every day, including tonight, to strengthen the muscles in my legs so that i can not only walk but the next mile marker i have to reach is to run! it may be a high one to reach for, however, if i dont set high goals i am settling for less than i am capable of.

i am not known to settle for the easy way out and i do not plan on starting now! xoxo