I can’t remember what I forgot – Corey Beattie

hi everyone its corey

i am in a really weird place today because 1st i will think of something and not know how i relate to it.

i must say i hate not remembering what i am supposed to be doing and to be honest, the worse part is not remembering what i thought of in the first place.

you see brain injury to me is such a dirty word. it goes a lot deeper than you may think. i think of myself as someone who often forgets…that’s all. i hate the label.

it is really weird to live a whole day simply to end up not remembering where you started your day off. the brain is a weird thing, names will randomly pop into my head. other times my brain plays funny tricks on me. i will remember something from the past and do not remember why i remember it?

my mom says that this is all good, because it is a sign that my brain is making connections, but then i ask what is wrong with me number1 and number 2 when can i be normal? the problem is i never remember her answer! mom says its “not forever, it is just for now”. my next question? how long is “for now” then? and then, rubbing her head, she says “your killin’ me smalls”!

i can’t remember much of anything but i still remember how to drive my mother crazy!!!!
hope you can remember if you had a good weekend xoxo, love corey