hi everyone its corey

i hope you had a good long weekend. it was long to show our gratefulness for all of those people who are fighting for us.

i think that it doesn’t take the average joe or susie to fight for our country. it takes a whole lot more than that. it takes people with guts to go in strong knowing that they might not come out strong. you have to be brave and have courage, when you dont know the end results

i had a fun weekend with my whole family. this week i will be getting creative with my exercising, not just for my body but for my brain also. today i hand wrote a letter to one of my old high school friends.

don’t you love to get a surprise letter in the mail?
i know that getting a surprise letter addressed to me is one of my favorite things. it make me giggle and feel great inside. maybe this week you can send a surprise letter to one of your old friends because mail makes everybody happy and its not a bill. bills do not make anyone happy!

happy tuesday, hope you are starting your week off right, xoxo