hi everyone its corey

i must say that it is a bit shocking to sign on here and notice that there are friends out there that i didn’t even know about. i suppose these friends like me from writing the Carepage with my mom.

this week i got 3 letters from friends on the carepage. it made me feel great and i like knowing how many people are out there reading what i have to say.

countdown update; 2 months to the wedding and only 16 days to graduation.

today i was balancing on a gigantic bouncy ball.
i bet that not everyone could accomplish that feat, i did! mom was happy it wasn’t her because she said she would fall off with the first reach. i did crunches and reaching working out my core. caitlin came with us today and we had Natalie laughing while we exercised.

thanks again for everyone writing me. it makes me feel like 1,000,000,000 bucks when you all write to me and when i get your notes and cards, xoxo