Hi Everyone,

Day 1 of our busy week. Corey and I delivered her graduation tickets to her closest friends today. She is getting very excited. We found a beautiful dress at Macy’s (it’s not purple, but her next best color…blue; to match her eyes).

We worked with Natalie and Anne today. Unfortunately, Natalie can’t get off work to come to the graduation. We would not be celebrating Corey’s graduation without the help of this woman. Like Jen, our HS Physical Therapist, Natalie has been working with Corey since the beginning. These two woman have helped to make this day possible for our family! I’m ecstactic that Jen will be with Corey to receive her diploma.

Anne, our first OT as inpatient 3.5 years ago, is working with Corey again. She is in awe and thrilled to be back on her case. Next week Corey gets her 1st botox shot in her left arm and left leg/foot. She will not have therapy sessions the first week the shots are given but both Anne and Natalie are anxiously awaiting week two to work with Corey. The shots should eliviate the tone enabling greater range of motion and hopefully accelerate the therapy progress for the left side.

Time to put an X on the calendar…another day down, xoxo