Hi Everyone,

Today was graduation practice. Corey and I went to the Bob Carpenter Center at University of Delaware to look at the logistics of her graduation ceremony. She’s VERY nervous! We did a dry run; except for my tears…(yup…forget tissues…no way I’m getting through this without a roll of paper towels)

Corey has decided NOT to use her wheelchair. She will be walking in with her double arm platform walker…(now you know why I need the paper towels). She will walk in with the Class of 2014. They enter from the back, down the center aisle. When she reaches the front of the stage she will wrap the front of the chairs on the right taking her end seat on the 4th row. This will be the longest walk she’s had to date. Our family will be sitting opposite her to give her comfort and security. The welcome and student speeches will take about a 1/2 hour giving Corey time to rest before she receives her diploma.

After the speeches the moment we’ve always hoped will become a reality. When the 2nd row stands, Corey and Jen will stand and make their way to the lift on the side of the stage. Once on stage, she will walk behind the rows of faculty then cross the stage from left to right stopping to shake our Principal and Superintendents hand and receive her diploma.

For those of you who may be interested, a friend of ours posted a link to a website that ‘we think’ will stream the graduation live. Hopefully it will work.


Tomorrows the big day! We promise to take tons of pictures, video for YouTube and post another surprise…Corey wrote and entered a graduation speech to be considered for the “senior speech”. The faculty and administration chose not to have it read by another student, they chose to print it in the graduation program! We are overwhelmed. What a incredible way to honor Corey and her hard work, xoxo