Hi everyone its corey

sorry for my brief absence but i have been working on getting better even though my head hurts everyday.

today we went to a hospital. not for me but to meet another person that was in a car accident. the mom of the girl has been reading my carepage and asked me to visit them.

its kind of crazy that people want to meet me because i really dont understand how i can help them but then they tell me they want to learn how they can get better like me.

i dont know what the secret is to getting better thats why its hard. i do know its not easy.

maybe its my motto never give up and never give in?

maybe its exercising even when you dont feel like it?

maybe its fighting through the hard days to find something good?

maybe its fighting with your mother when you want to quit? sorry mom

all i know is we are in this together even in the bad times and without help from lots of people no one can get better alone, xoxo