Hi Everyone,

The attached poem was written by a survivor. Her words have affected Corey in many ways. The words cling to her and she can identify with its message. She asks me to reread it because, as she says, “this is how I feel too”.

Although it was written from a TBI survivors perspective, I think we all can relate to it’s meaning.
*Ms. Wilson gave her permission to share her words

Standing by Me – by Debbie M. Wilson

Talk to me
I am not invisible
Teach me
I don’t know how
Educate me
I’m clueless but I can still learn
Friend me
so I am not walking alone
Speak to me gently
It hurts to be yelled at
Reassure me
I don’t know who I am
Love me
I am unbelievably lost
Stand by me
I have already lost so much
Be patient with me
I can’t control what is going on
Give me time and support
I will work hard and do my part
Give me a chance
and I will be an unexpected blessing