hi everyone, its corey today.

i would just like to throw out there that it really stinks to be constantly getting better and not knowing you are getting anything in return.

my mom is always reminding me that I am getting better and tells me how far i’ve come. she tells me i am working hard to enjoy the rest of my life but that is simply no fun because the end goal seems so far away. so i just keep on getting better and getting better and getting better and it is not a whole lot of fun with all of this hard work.

i hope that eventually it does feel like i am not putting in any extra effort or going anywhere to get better. i guess that is coming; however, the question ‘when will it finally get here’, remains constant.

i do realize this may not be a happy post but some days are just down in the dump days. the important thing is to turn them around and that is as important as exercising everyday. the other important thing is not to bottle it up and tell people when you are sad. i have yet to meet someone that does not need a cheer leader once in awhile to make them feel happy and everyone feels better when they feel loved.

thank you everyone for sticking around for my good and bad days, xoxo