hi everyone its corey
(and Marie)

C-thank you all for writing me. i really like a lot of the suggestions for fun things to do.
(M-thank you for your posts and the private notes forwarded via carepage and email. Your words of encouragement help me talk through Corey’s frustrated moments. Reading your notes to her validates my ‘tired’ explanations and mantra’s. You know what they say, kids listen to others before they believe their mother! Please keep those posts coming…I need backup)

(M-Natalie is on vacation this week. We worked with Sue for PT today. Sue hasn’t worked with Corey since June of 2012. She asked Corey if she would show her how we walk at home with her cane. I stand facing her. My right hand holds her left hand. She balances with the cane in her right hand. Sue stood behind her ‘just in case’ we needed back up. When we’re home we walk through the house with her walker and short distances with her cane; maybe 20-30 feet at a time)

C-today when i was at therapy i walked 260 feet using my cane and my left arm to hold my moms arm. i rode the bike in addition to that for 12 minutes and on top of every thing i wiggled 4 toes on my left foot, this is a sign that the botox is still working.

(M-we ask Corey to try to wiggle her toes and move her left foot everyday. She stares at her foot virtually willing it to move but what usually happens is her right toes/foot will move. It’s called ‘carry over’. Today when Corey stared at her toes to ‘make them wiggle’ they actually moved intentionally. We all were excited and she yelled out, “that’s the first time I saw them for myself”!)

C-mom just booked my next set of shots for sept 24th. she keeps telling me that the shots woke up my right side so we can all hope that it has the same result on my left side.

C-you know how i have been looking for something fun to do? well today we got a flyer in the mail about cooking classes. i think my guardian angel sent it and I think her name is probably Dedema.

C-don’t think we will be sitting around resting this weekend either. we are going to NY to see my aunt louise and uncle john, cousin mark and dawn and all 3 of their kids, my cousins and my papa and ginny.

C-i hope you all have something fun planned too, xoxo