Hi Everyone,

We had a fun visit in NY. We not only saw family but 2 of my closest high school friends as well.

Today we were back at work. Corey’s left leg was VERY stiff. Busy weekends away are great but she doesn’t get the same level of stretching and exercise that we give when we are at home; the long car ride doesn’t help either. All in all, Natalie was able to stretch Corey fairly well and she rode the bike for 15 minutes. Not bad for being a big stiff, huh?!

Anne, OT, was out today. We had Corey’s OT session with Elaine. For those of you who have been reading for awhile, Elaine started working with Corey 2 years ago. When the ladies met, Corey could open her hand but not freely move her arm. Elaine would have to massage the tone in order to begin each session. Eventually, Corey’s arm could lift from her side but her hand remained palm down; there were no rotation and limited strength. We stopped with Elaine about 6 months ago despite Corey’s limited progress in-session. Elaine suggested we save the OT visits and apply them towards her PT to try to advance Corey’s walking.

Elaine knew about the Botox shots in Corey’s arm but hasn’t discussed the progress with Anne. Today she saw first hand…and she was so happy and overwhelmed with Corey’s progress she cried!

Corey and I demonstrated the newest exercises using a dowel and stretch rubber band. We also showed her the AB exercises and her hola hoop exercise. As soon as Caitlin can take a break from her school work, I promise to video her latest series of OT exercises and post them on YouTube. I don’t want to give too much away but you all will be amazed at the upper body strength and mobility she’s accomplished since the end of June. (this is a teaser but well worth it!)

Please continue to pray for Corey’s emotional and behavioral advances. Her anxiety is not subsiding as quickly as her physical advancements…and if you could throw in a word or two for Caitlin and me, we’d appreciate it, xoxo