Hi Everyone,

We had a very special weekend. TEAM COREY, which consisted of runners from NY, PA and MA, ran in the Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon,

For those of you new to our carepage, Corey’s cousins were running in this annual race 4 years ago. Christy, (very pregnant with her 2nd child) could not run. Corey, JohnPaul and I went in not only to cheer on our family but to help Christy chase after her 18 month old. As Corey chased baby Tommy, Christy waddled behind as best she could. Corey was tormenting Christy about her getting back into shape after #2 arrived. Christy challenged Corey to train with her so Corey could join the cousins the following year. Corey agreed but unfortunately, the accident happened a few weeks later. Well, the cousins decided they will run the race as a fundraiser for Corey every year until Corey can run with them. The first year there were 7 runners. Each year the team grows and this year TEAM COREY was 43 runners strong. The money they raised will help pay for Corey’s botox, new doctor’s in DC, and our next therapy investment…an eliptical recumbent bike for her home gym *which is our livingroom. Corey’s therapy has decreased from 15 hours/week to 4 hours now that she’s graduated from HS. The bike will certainly help to supplement our limited professional therapy. Thank you to all the runners and everyone that donated to the race!

Botox update…I received a call at 3:45 on Friday that the botox still had not been approved for Wednesday’s scheduled appointment. (I’m going to stop answering the phone on Friday’s…It’s NEVER good news)
I will be calling as soon as the insurance company opens tomorrow (Happy Monday to them), we need to get this approval by 12 so the botox can be shipped for Wednesday’s appt. at noon. It is critical that we don’t wait because we are also under pressure to show a significant increase in Corey’s functional improvement with this series. We have 5-6 weeks before the next therapy submission/approval.

In the meantime, we have started increasing the new medication and will slowly bring down the current medication that we believe may be fueling Corrine’s outbursts. Unfortunately, Corey’s headaches are increasing, I’m noticing a delay in her responses, some slurred speech and she seems to be a bit ‘foggy’ overall. I contacted the Doctor’s last week to confirm that the headaches are normal for the medication switch but I’m concerned with the fog and speech issues (they’re on the call list for tomorrow too)

You know the old saying about stress, “you’re plate is full”? I’m pretty sure I’m sitting at the buffet table! Tomorrow is Monday…time to get back in the kitchen. Bon appetite, xoxo