Hi Everyone,

Rainy thursday means another migraine for Corey. Don’t think that let it stop her though. She worked hard during OT and PT. She was sore from the shots but our therapy team was excited to tell us that they think the shots are working immediately! Corey had incredible range of motion for her left arm and her left toes didn’t curl and her ankle had more flexibility today before we began her stretching exercises. Normally we have to stretch her before we can get any range of motion in her ankle.

We do have one major concern and we think it might be related to the 2pm medication. Corey was dragging her left foot when we tried to walk with her. It was a significant difference. It was as if she couldn’t remember to lift her toes, foot and leg. We also noticed delayed responses much like what we saw on Monday.

I wish I knew how to make all the pieces of this grand puzzle fit into place. Somedays I feel like we’re still working on the frame of the picture. Other days I’m trying to figure out what picture will be revealed and most days I’m not sure we have all the pieces! Has anyone seen the box cover so we can get a sneak peek? xox