hello everyone, this is corey who has bean busy for quite a long time. i apologize so much; however, now i am back on with my computer so i hope you’re not trying to get rid of me yet.

1. i have been exercising my butt off
2. i also got botox
which will help me to get better faster, plus all of the exercise that i am doing will also be a bonus to getting better faster.
3. oh yeah, cooking! mom wrote about our cooking class but she is really excited about me telling you that i remembered the chef and that i was taught how to make chicken a la king.

the ingredients are a bit fuzzy to me but the big point is that i remembered i learned. right this minute i do not quite remember what i did but i remember i took the class and i also remember that no matter what happened i had fun doing it -and that is the big part that matters right ?

i do not have much to say tonight, just thought i would pop in and say hi in case you were wondering what i have been up to; just the same old every day therapy. however, i am adding in a tasty twist literally now that i am taking cooking classes.

oh wait, and by the way,
4. there are only 13 days until my birthday! xoxo