Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was an emotional day. Tears randomly flowed. I closed the day with the usual search for inspiration to help me shake the sadness from lingering memories when I stumbled on this quote.

‘the sum of what we have been’…Corey was 17 four years ago. Truthfully, she hadn’t begun to add enough experiences to her life to look back now and say ‘look what I was’?

I watch how hard she works to do the simplest tasks that used to be effortless and ask myself, ‘could I be that strong if I were asked to walk the same path’? Then I recount all her accomplishments in the last 4 years. Her strong will and determination continue to amaze me; I’m not sure my answer would be yes?

Today I woke up thinking about the new message I found. I believe this quote is the perfect theme for our 4th year. Corey will be turning 22 in a few weeks. She has a long life ahead of her with endless opportunities to become whatever she yearns to be and THAT is why we can never give up and never give in.

The vision of Corey walking independently, attending culinary school, working in a kitchen, socializing with friends, traveling and living her life to the best of her ability is what we yearn for; what we must work towards everyday.

It’s not about who Corey was…It’s about who Corey will be, what she will continue to accomplish and how we will create the opportunities for her to realize her dreams.

Today is a day to celebrate. She is getting stronger, she is healthy, she is improving, she is happy, she is feisty, she is funny, she is strong willed, she is intelligent and she is still stubborn as the day is long, bound and determined to make sure all those that thought she couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t now know they were wrong! xoxo