Hi Everyone,

Today was a slow rainy day so we took a break from her exercise routine to introduce a new game to Corey – Dominoes. This is the first time she has played this type of game (I had no idea if it was going to work). We used a set of 12 multi-colored dot tiles. Corey also used a wooden slat tray to prop up the tiles for better visual scanning. It takes a great deal of concentration to follow directions, count/recognize the pattern sequence and the game requires visual scanning as well as strategic multi-step analytical thinking. Put the technical cognitive terminology aside and it was just plain FUN! We played one round that lasted about 30 minutes. I was thrilled Corey could participate for that length of time and managed to make more than half her tile choices on her own. Despite her increased fatigue, Corey is trying so hard to work through the medication adjustments as she continues to exercise with the bike, standing for balance, walking laps at home and ‘playing’ games (which is actually cognitive therapy in disguise)

Tomorrow we are back at therapy and I am hoping Corey has the stamina to participate in both sessions. I spoke with the seizure specialist twice today. We have one more week to wean the Keppra out of her system. He believes the fatigue and foot/leg drag is due to the mix of levels which has to happen as we introduce the new med to replace the old. We have to keep a close eye on her for the next two weeks.

In the meantime, she has to perform for PT. Please keep her in your prayers. I’m very, very nervous about what will happen if we lose PT before she is phsycially independent. If Natalie’s letter explaining the medication changes isn’t well received, we’re back in the ring for appeals.

If you are looking for a distraction, please send postive thoughts tomorrow; OT is from 1-2 and PT is from 2-3
Thank you so much xoxo