Hi Everyone,

We’ve been so conditioned living with Corrine that when “happy Corey” woke up today…and stayed…we were all a bit in shock. Corey didn’t even argue about going to therapy (I did feel her head for a fever, just in case).

I asked Corey why she thought today was such a positive day and she reminded me of the reading we found this weekend.
C – I remembered what that man said; because Mom, not everyone is a lucky as me.

We’d like to share the message we found and hope you choose happiness too…

Happiness is a choice. And it is a choice you can make regardless of circumstance or condition.

It may seem like there are certain things, or people, or circumstances that make you happy. Yet what really makes you happy is nothing more than your choice to be happy in the presence of those certain conditions.

Happiness is a choice, and you can choose it much more often. When you do, you empower yourself with a positive perspective that remarkably improves your world.

If you assume that you must first have this thing or that situation to be happy, you have it precisely backwards. Happiness is a cause of the good things in life, not a result.

The more often you choose happiness, the better you become at doing so. The more you choose happiness, the more you understand and appreciate the value it adds to your life.

Instead of getting dejected, frustrated, angry, envious or spiteful, choose happiness. You’ll quickly discover it’s always appropriate, and enables you to bring great new positive value wherever you go — Ralph Marston