Hi Everyone,

We will see Corey’s new DC team this week. It will be her first meeting with Dr. G; neuro-behavioral psychologist. Dr. G works with many young survivors on life skills, community integration and coping with the lingering challenges of their injuries. Our focus will be Corey’s stranger and separation anxiety. Her medication changes has made a significant improvement with tantrums during stressful situations but she still needs to strengthen the bridge from emotions and reactions to reasoning and responses. I’m hoping Dr. G will help us learn how to diffuse Corey’s triggers as well as help her develop confidence and autonomy.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Normally we travel to New York to see family but this year we celebrated at home.

Thanksgiving is a special day and we are trying hard to practice its meaning everyday.

Corey has trouble from time to time thinking of the ‘good things’.
C-when can I stop wearing this leg brace and wear normal shoes?
M-you used to wear a leg brace on your right leg too. We can be thankful it worked and you don’t wear it anymore.
C-when can I stop going to therapy
M-we’re very lucky you keep getting stronger because of the therapy. Imagine if we stopped?
C-Mom, can I please just be mad for these things?!
M-Sure, I’ll give you 10 minutes but for every bad thought you say, you have to match it with something you’re grateful for (suddenly, the complaining stopped).

It’s much easier to create a gratitude list after you’ve passed through a challenging time. You appreciate good health after a long illness. You enjoy the sunshine after a week of rain. You feel relief after working hard to pay off a debt.

The real challenge is to appreciate what you have while you have it. Don’t wish it away or constantly look to the future waiting on ‘someday’ to come true. Pay attention to today; its a day to be thankful for, xoxo