hello everyone, it is corey. i have been away for awhile working my tail off at therapy and sometimes i don’t know what to write or i’m just to tired. tonight after i read everyones responses i really felt like writing. i want to tell you don’t be afraid to dream big.

when i was in high school i decided to be a chef but then i had an accident. people originally thought that i might not get better. they also thought i would not be able to walk until one day i did.

mom tells me i didn’t just get up and walk one day, i had to work really hard to make that happen. i’m not just going to walk into a kitchen and start cooking either. i have a lot more work to do to make that happen also.

some people are afraid to dream big. some people dream big but are afraid to work to get what they want. i am a little bit of both but at the same time i do work hard because i want more then anything to be an independent chef.

being afraid is normal but you can’t let it get in the way of everyday activities or you will not achieve anything.

everybody should have something to dream big about because it will keep you going when times get hard. when i want to quit i think about wanting to walk all by myself and drive a car all by myself. those are not even my big dreams, my dream would be to be all the way better. the only way i am going to get it all is by not giving up and trying not to be afraid to keep trying.

so tomorrow get up and do not give in to the bad thoughts in your head. You can do it and just keep thinking you can accomplish whatever you are trying to do, xoxo

(side note from Marie; Corey asked me to read her note out loud so she could edit. When I was finished she said, “that’s a good one”! Hahahaha, from the author herself…have a great day and dream big)