Merry Christmas Everyone,

“Where there’s life, there is hope” ~ Stephen Hawking stated this simple yet profound thought. If you haven’t seen the movie, ‘Theory of Everything’, it should be on your TO DO list. Hawking struggled throughout his adult life to ‘live’ life to its fullest potential. What an amazing example of never give up and never give in.

Coincidentally, I asked our neighbor to film Corey’s newest accomplishment. I debated as to whether it was an appropriate time to share it with all of you because she is in the infancy stage of her latest challenge. But after seeing the Theory of Everything and thinking of the meaning of this holiday as well as remembering to appreciate and make the most of TODAY, it is a perfect gift to share with all of you at Christmas.

Corey, never give up Hope on the dreams you have for your life. May God continue to give you strength, determination and courage to keep walking towards them, xoxo

Corey Beattie Xmas steps 2014