Hi Everyone,

One of my dearest friends once told me, “I can guarantee one thing about life…it will always change”.

We are at a new crossroads with therapy…AGAIN. Evaluations and another round of botox are on the docket for this week.

Needless to say, I am worried. As my internal cheerleader plays tennis with my thoughts, I’m trying to process my emotions and regulate my fears of ‘NOW WHAT’?

I remember hearing our ICU nurse telling me it was time to visit acute care rehabs and felt panicked. What did she mean; it’s time to leave the ICU? Corey didn’t ‘wake up’ yet?

7 months later, Corey was nearing the end of her inpatient stay. I was terrified at the thought of leaving the acute care facility and moving home. I was worried about the next step of recovery and how we would manage.

It seems like a lifetime but, 3 1/2 years later, we are facing the next transition.

Sometimes change is welcomed because you know it can make life better. Sometimes it causes concern because the change can be challenging. Most often change is feared because of the unknown outcome. The unknown is an uncomfortable state of mind. Rationally, we know things cannot get better without change. Corey’s temperament improving with her new medication is proof of that.

Change can bring new opportunity. The direction it takes can either initiate success or failure. Truthfully, the only opportunity that fails is the one never tried.

Change will happen if we accept it and it will still happen if we fight it. We must be open to it. We must be willing to be willing. It’s success will take effort. Effort to change our attitude, change our perspective, change our thinking and change our actions.

Change will require letting go. It will take courage, faith, confidence and perseverance.

As I write this entry I feel as if I’m in the challenge round of the tennis tournament of internal thoughts. Let me serve one more shot…we take risks everyday, we live minute to minute most days, we have no timeline for recovery and we’ve managed to figure out how to stay in the game and advance to each round without the rules being explained to us. We haven’t won our Grand Slam but I’d say so far it’s Game, Set, Match…what’s next? xoxo