hi everyone its corey

a good friend of the family has asked me what i did today to keep moving forward?

first of all, today i told my mom that i did not feel like exercising anymore. so then my mom gave me 2 choices.
1. my mom could hire someone to come and watch me when i was in my chair because not exercising will not get me stronger
2. i could start exercising so i could stand up from the chair and start taking care of myself.

so i decided that having helpers around me 24/7 was not quite my idea of improving, so i got up and started to exercise.

i walked 2 laps around my house with my cane, rode the bike for 20 mins and did the matte stretching exercises

even though the exercises were very important it was mostly my attitude that motivated me to do them. i guess that is the secret to exercising, staying fit, and keep moving forward, xoxo