Hi Everyone,

Tonight I attended a memorial for the father of dear friends. I had the privilege of meeting this man several times. His energy, kindness, sense of humor and smile are just a few of the images that come to mind when I think of him.

I was driving home thinking of how we chose to celebrate special days in our lives; birthdays, holidays, weddings and various special occasions.

The gathering tonight was also special. It was truly a celebration of life. There was joy in the room as we all shared and listened to the stories of how each of our lives were enhanced not only by this man but his wife and his children too.

The common thread in all the stories was this mans ability to make each person he met feel welcomed whether it was at his place of business, his home or on the sidewalk. It was a great reminder to be present, celebrate today and the people we share our lives with.

Every day is special because we make it special, no matter what the calendar says. Celebrate life every day, xoxo