hi everyone it’s corey,

today was a good day i started out with seeing dr. Yalamancheli. it was a really early morning appointment, 6:30am. he was happy to see me and talk to me. he said my head is fine but i probably will have headaches for a really long time. i asked how long is long. he didn’t have an answer. he also said 1st they didn’t think i would live and 2nd they didn’t know how much better i would get. look at me now, wonder if they are still wondering?

the second appointment continued the day with seeing dr A.

dr. A helps me with mental therapy. i don’t know if there is another word that describes it better but it’s what you think and what it causes you to do.

i am afraid that my mom will up and leave me or people would get tired of taking care of me. i don’t know if that’s true but it’s what i fear anyway. dr. A and mom told me mom is not going anywhere. i’m happy but still scared at the same time. so what does that even out to?

if people are busy doing other things i’m afraid they will forget about me. i know
that people will stop coming to help so i would like to work even harder towards not needing any help, if it’s possible. Again, more of a reason to keep working?

i don’t know what to do for any of this, so i hope i can learn, xoxo