Hi Everyone,

My nieces posted a video clip today of a young man named Josh that had been bullied by his peers for putting pictures of his deceased father in his locker. His mother moved them to a city. Her thought, ‘bigger city, new High School, maybe they could start over’. Josh still didn’t feel as if he ‘fit in’. All he wanted to be was a ‘normal kid’.

The video not only highlighted Josh’s feelings but the feelings of other students that shared his experience of being bullied.

One day Josh decided to fight past his weariness. One day he arrived at his school early to hold the door open for every student and teacher that arrived. The students recanted that it was ‘weird’ at first. Josh was known as the ‘doorman’ for awhile but he kept showing up, held the door open and greeted everyone everyday.

The video had a happy ending. Not only did Josh become well known in his High School, including being named Prom King, he also affected change. Teachers and students were nicer, more friendly, smiled and began holding doors for others as well. That’s not where the story ended. Josh is sharing his experience as a public speaker, teaching other students, of all ages, not to be afraid to open a door in their lives too.

Many of us have not been bullied, thank goodness. But I’m sure we all have feelings of weariness, despair, anxiety, sadness and have questioned why is this challenge I’m facing happening and how can I get through it, make it stop hurting so much?

An open door…symbolic of new opportunity, transition, welcoming.

A smile…how often has a strangers smile caught you off guard and gave you a moment of joy on a dreary, hectic day?

A kind word…many times a greeting is unheard because its an ingenuous reflex, but for some it’s the first kind word they needed to hear.

I woke up weary. My heart heavy. I’m physically and emotionally tired. The bully in my life is persistence. It beats up on patience, optimism, hope, courage, motivation and positive thinking. Josh’s story was my inspiration today to remember ‘Never Give Up and Never Give in’ to those feelings…open a door today, xoxo

You can see Josh’s story on YouTube if you search for;
Josh – opening doors and hearts | WestJet Above and Beyond Stories