Hi Everyone its Caitlin,

Normally when I hijack the page it’s just for fun but today I need your help!

For my senior project for Photojournalism II, I need to create a 2 minute documentary video and I’ve chosen Corey as my subject (shocker!)

My photojournalism I project documented the impact of my sister’s accident on our family and our move home from the hospital during the renovation. For this project I will be using Corey’s voice along with still images and video to tell her intimate perspective. This is where I need your help.

I am looking for questions to field to Corey. Questions we’ve all wanted to ask but were afraid to. Corey has agreed to answer, as best she can, to tell her story of survival (I’m not doing this against her will…I promise)

To get an idea of the themes of my projects, here is a link to the images of my Photojournalism I project.

doing it alone.

Please submit as many questions as you’d like in the comment section. Even if you’ve never written to us, please don’t be afraid to be honest, I’m trying to make this as diverse and genuine as possible.

Thank you in advance for being apart of this project. We continue to appreciate your support and friendship. The final project will be posted the end of March…just before MY GRADUATION!!