Hi Everyone, its Marie

The questions posted are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to jot them down and sending them to us. We have been working with a Neuro-Psychologist and your questions have actually sparked new conversations that Corey has ‘asked’ to talk to Dr. A about.

I bought Corey a traditional notebook (with a purple cover of course). She is starting to use it as her questions journal. This new tool is in development. Corey will write her question. Depending on the day/moment, she will write it ledgibly keeping the sentence on one line. Other times, her sentence starts on the left but towards the middle of the line, arcs and curves down towards the right. Sometimes she writes and tries to reread her sentence but loses her place if there are multiple lines. Most often, she can’t read her own writing.

The process of Corey reading and writing continues to evolve and that’s to be expected. As the connections continue to heal, we will continue to see improvement. What is most important is her ability to express herself. She is beginning to truly work on the ‘hard’ emotions. Her short term memory doesn’t allow her to carry over her achievements but I know they are being stored somewhere ‘in there’ based on some of the post conversations we have.

We are starting to notice a regression in behavior we believe is partly due to awareness and trying to cope with emotional growth and believe it is possibly a reaction to one of the new medicatons as well. Caitlin’s project and Corey’s counseling sessions are perfectly timed. Both are helping her tackle this new developmental stage.

Please keep those questions coming. It’s not only interesting for us to read what you all have ‘wondered’ over the last several years but you all are helping Corey with this next phase of her recovery.

I think it’s incredible we ALL get to share this journey together, xoxo