hi everyone, this is corey,

if i could put a pencil to it, the hardest thing about living with a brain injury would be 1. acceptance (which is the biggest of all of my emotions) and also talking about and feeling my scary thoughts, both at the same time.

acceptance is so difficult for me because i do not want to accept that i can’t do things yet and i need helpers. i try to listen to what people say that it will happen someday but hate that i do not know when someday is coming.

i have realized that it will help me to write things out so i can get everything i i feel out in a way where i do not have to talk to anyone because talking to people is just scary; no if’s and’s or butts about it! (or that’s how i feel about it anywho)

so i guess if you’re scared and you do not know what to do, find somebody to talk to or put the pencil to it, xoxo