Hi Everyone,

Today is the last day of Brain Injury Awareness month. It’s hard to believe we never heard of Traumatic Brain injury 4 1/2 years ago. What have we learned? First and foremost, brain injury lasts longer then a month!

How have we helped to educate others? Trying to live what we’ve learned.
The clinical facts and Insurance negotiations have certainly dominated our learning curve but the greatest lessons we’ve learned have come from within. They were not written in any medical journals nor broadcasted in the media. They came quietly from the prayers, support, love, friendship, encouragement and guidance from all of you.

-Never give up and never give in
-The difficult is easy, the impossible just takes a little longer
-Don’t take NO from someone that can’t say YES
-No matter how hard the day is, we can find one positive experience in every day
-Laughter is the best therapy
-You can look back but don’t stare
-Dreams don’t change even if the ability to achieve them changes direction
-Everything is possible, It’s a Matter of Time

Traumatic Brain Injury – our definition…’To Be Inspired’

Thank you for helping us become aware of our inner strength, xoxo