Hi Everyone,

The spring season is testing Corey’s new migraine medication. She’s been a trooper but if anyone would like a true Accu-weather forecast, feel free to call and speak with her; she’s spot on!

PT/OT therapies are Monday and Thursday’s. As we drove up to the rehab, Corey asked “I wonder what I can do today to impress Natalie”? I had to laugh out loud. Is this the same woman that used to scream and throw her sneaker at me while driving in order to NOT go to therapy? Well, she accomplished her task. We are using a Patella stabilizer on her left knee. Corey balanced her weight on her right leg as she stepped forward, back and to the side with her left foot. Why is this impressive? She was not holding onto the grab bar…another first.

Today was her day off, (technically), we stretched, lifted weights, rode her bike for 15 minutes and wanted to finish her workout with AB work and squats. For those of you wondering, Corey is a tough trainer. She’s keeping me in shape as she regains her strength. I still can’t figure out when our coaching roles switched?

We’re looking forward to the next several days without rain. The weather plays a big part in her headaches and affects her sleep cycles. Thank goodness the sun will be back, xoxo