Hi Everyone,

We all receive daily messages and I’m not speaking of voicemail or texts. They can come to us in many ways; a sentence that strikes a cord, a word that stands out on a billboard, a call from an old friend, a gut feeling or a random dream.

Our world’s static, our present state of preoccupation or the negative energies we battle often masks the clarity of the message we’re meant to hear. Our second challenge comes with understanding its meaning which requires an open heart and an open mind.

Take time to stop for just a minute and listen. Reacquaint yourself with your intuition. The concerns of the world can wait. When you’re still, you will know without thinking why and what you are working towards. Allow your vision to speak to you. Keep fighting to move forward and remember others are watching and learning thru your process. You are someone’s inspiration to take a chance, to speak up, to try something new, to keep dreaming, xoxo